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Simone de Beauvoir School

Simone de Beauvoir School

Bond Society

Daudre-Vignier & Associes
Drancy, France | View Map
Project Year
Primary Schools
Charly Broyez

Simone de Beauvoir School

Bond Society as Architects

The project is set in a dense urban context. The school is integrated by its simple volumetry, its functions legibility, and its access treatment. Set up in an L-shape to create an optimal free surface on the ground, the school also forms a boundary with the surrounding square and two large neighboring high-rise buildings.

The project takes the form of two wooden quadrilaterals set on a limestone base that is largely glazed on the courtyard side and closed at the back, on the public space side. The building opens generously on the courtyard side and reveals the rooms for school, relaxation, and leisure activities. The brightly first floor forms a "center of life." Natural light plays a significant role in the project, guiding the children through the school, the circulation, and a double-height openwork patio. A courtyard, a generous curve, unites the functions located on the first floor. More than an architectural gesture, it is a landmark for children. The circulation isolates the blind servant network on the garden side to distribute the teaching spaces on the upper floors' courtyard side. It opens to the outside at its edges.  

The classrooms, open to the courtyard, offer a peaceful and studious atmosphere. The building has a light-colored facade, punctuated with large windows and vertical wooden slats. The same material is used on the two elevation facades. The wooden slats, forming a clearway, punctuate the project. The fixed wooden furniture is made to measure, giving the project a coherence to the wood's soft and light shades present in the superstructure and giving the project an ecological interest. Finally, the stone base protects the building. Its confrontation with the wood creates a harmonious color temperature. The play of light on these materials produces a maternal softness that is pleasant to the little ones.


Material Used:
Facade cladding: Wooden skeleton
Flooring: Wooden floors
Doors: Wooden doors and steel doors
Windows: Wooden widows and steel widows
Roofing: Wood frame
Interior lighting: Aluminum light fixture
Interior furniture: Custom wood furniture

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