Single-Family House 1409

Single-Family House 1409

Barcelona, Spain
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Private Houses

Single-Family House 1409

ON-A as Architects

On a site near the railway line, this single-family house is built in a volume whose geometry follows the alignments of the plot. Under a simple programme, the Project is divided into two floors where common areas are separated from rest areas. The daytime units are located on the ground floor linked to a pool and perimeter garden on a wide terrace presided by the projection of the main facade of the house.

The transparency of the access to them reveals the continuity of the spaces in free circulations interrupted only by the vertical core that leads to the rooms for study and rest. On the first floor, an office accompanies two bedrooms that precede the master bedroom, which enjoys the best views in a wide panorama overlooking the green areas, swimming pool and a less immediate environment presided by the forests of the region. Its wooden structure consists of a modular system of lightweight trusses that meet the requirements of energy efficiency, economy and speed of construction, and encompass some of the parameters established in the project from the outset. The result is a suggestive volume in which the lightness of a cladding interrupted by the lines that define the openings of the house is expressed. These highlight the characteristics that denote the energy and fluidity of the outlines of a project where technology and architecture have been closely linked throughout the design process.

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