SINHA galeria

SINHA galeria

SINHA galeria
Porto, Portugal
Vanessa Jorge

The Beyond Memory Collection takes us to places where “A tale never loses in the telling”

SINHA galeria as Architects

Born in Oporto, Joana Santos Barbosa graduates in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Oporto in 2006, later deepening her knowledge in Interior Design at St. Martin's School of Arts and Design in London. Alongside with Architecture, the passion for Detail motivates her to create her own exclusive pieces in the world of Furniture Design.  

From her training she takes the discipline and persistence in the pursuit of the unquestionable accuracy. She has a global and comprehensive vision under which absorbs the interdependency between the subjects of Architecture, Design and Art, allowing her to pierce through the conceptual boundaries between spatiality, functionality and beauty. ​

From the World she seizes cultures and contexts, dissects memories and rearranges concepts, taking them as starting points for a creative liberation which questions the immediate nature of the perception of reality. She has a vein of attachment to the Land, a connection to the emotional and to the devotion to the senses that translates into a fascination for natural patterns. Interested in the limits of emotions, in the threshold of feelings, her creative perseverance and curiosity for experimentation proves to be somewhere between the sinuous elegance and the harsh aggressiveness, the softness of a touch and the strictness of a line, the organic forms of nature and the geometric accuracy, a smooth trace of a sketch and the precision of a detailed drawing.

Never satisfied, her obsession for raising concepts and values beyond limits is revealed in an passionate interplay of forces between respect for the absorbed images and the interpretation of sensory phenomena, dignifying them at the strict and peaceful gathering between the materials of each creation. ​

IN SIDE HER LAND we find certainties in imagination, surprise, the unreal and magic.

*Architecture Project by SINHA galeria Teoriabstrata Arq. Unip ,Lda* *Showroom SINHA galeria at Oporto*

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