Slum(s)ucker - EVOLO 2011

Slum(s)ucker - EVOLO 2011

Studio AM+O

M. Abu Farha
cairo, Egypt

Slum(s)ucker - EVOLO 2011

Studio AM+O as Architects


The main concept for this exercise was to address the issue of slums in modern cities. A cancerous organism that grows harmfully on the body of the city over stressing the city’s infrastructure and strangling it’s transportation.

Accordingly we have selected the garbage city slum in greater Cairo. This informal community has a population of 55,000 inhabitants living mainly on collecting and recycling the city’s garbage and latter resell it. No form of formal infrastructure is provided to this area.

To deal with this problem, the idea explored here was to introduce a benin organism that would replace the slums by sucking the existing materials and re-organize it in a natural manner.

And just like natural organisms, this being has to start at a spore that selects the first point by scanning the site parameters including urban context, transportation routes, land slope, renewable energy potential and natural resources. This parameters put together isolate starting points that begin the growth. the organism then starts to extend horizontally and vertically into neighboring nodes that have high potential to the point where a second isolated spore arises. When connections between two spores reach an extent where they become one organism. And so on and so forth…

As the organism grows it recycles the slums into a positive urban being. That enhances the city’s resources and infrastructure rather than stressing it.

The organism selected is composed of a series of cells “irregular dodecahedrons” with pentagonal faces. Processing tetrahedral symmetry which allows the organism to grow homogeneously and naturally while optimizing the use of recycled material. This geometry also allows an efficient exo-skeleton for structural and mechanical purposes.

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