Small intervention - House NVC

Small intervention - House NVC

Private Houses
Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Small intervention - House NVC

Armando Viana Martins (AVM.A) as Architects

A family country house, with divided in two different floors. The house develops in the first floor. The ground floor is used as open warehouse, completely degraded. The project should fix the ground floor, closing under the entrance balcony, increasing new closed areas. This would help redefine a new ground floor facade, creating a new and clean image. Should be a make-up project. The existing ground floor has already four different rooms: two big rooms (a incompleted living room and a wine cellar room) and two small rooms (bathroom and a storehouse). This intervention is exclusively in the ground floor. A “less is much more” intervention. The economy of the intervention was fundamental condition. The challenge should be create a new facade image, redefining the ground floor spaces, bringing a more cured image with cheap materials and cheap construction.

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Porsche Museum
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Stuttgart, Germany - Build completed in 2009
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