Smith Pavilion

Smith Pavilion

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London, United Kingdom

Clerkenwell Design Week London: EQUITONE invites you to discover the Smith pavilion.

Equitone as Manufacturers

One of the focal installations at Clerkenwell Design Week 2014 is The Smith pavilion in St John's Square by London designer Je Ahn from Studio Weave. The pavilion has been built entirely with fibre cement façade materials by manufacturer EQUITONE.

The Smith pavillion pays homage to the trades associated with Clerkenwell during its history. The project showcases the making processes of a number of ‘smiths’ synonymous with the area such as silversmiths, goldsmiths, watchsmiths, and, bringing things bang up to date, even coffeesmiths are included. During the three days, a group of contemporary craftspeople including letterpress printers Harrington and Squires and the Goldsmiths Centre, are in residence, hosting a variety of workshops and demonstrations.

The pavilion has been structurally erected with new ribbed EQUITONE fibre-cement façade panels to form subtle patterns across the surfaces of the freestanding structure. The ribbed texture of the material set in different angles creates an ever changing play of light and shadow.

The pavilion's saw-tooth profile is designed to look like the roof of an industrial building. "It's a caricature of a factory," said Ahn. Corrugated plastic panels let light in through each of the steps in the ceiling.

Inside, angled panels of the EQUITONE material are waterjet cut and layered up to create pictures that depict the various trades that used to be prevalent in the area.

Clerkenwell Design Week continues until 22 May


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