Socio-Cultural Center

Socio-Cultural Center

Community Centres, Auditoriums and Workshops
Reinosa, Spain - Proposed in 2013

reinosa socio-cultural center competition

Tiago Vieira Arquitecto as Architects

The aim of our proposal is to provide an answer to the multi-functionality and versatility demanded by the competition brief. In order to do it, we insert a new structure on the old market ruin, that will support the several areas. The building is composed by several modular volumes, attached to the new structure. This layout will allow multiple combination of spaces, by attaching and detaching the modules. These movements will be possible with the sliding technology of rails on the floor and the new structure for the suspended volumes.

Kilden performing arts centre
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Kilden performing arts centre

Concert Halls, Exhibitions and Theaters
Kristiansand, Norway - Build completed in 2011
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