Sorsogon Bay WCP

WTA Architecture and Design Studio as Architects

The site is a 12 hectare lot in Barangay Balogo in Sorsogon City. It is located near the new Sorsogon City Hall. Bounded by Sipac River and Sorsogon Bay on the west and south respectively, it is poised to take advantage of this two water bodies. Sorsogon Bay, with its protected and calm waters, is an exciting and promising boating and water sports site. Together with mount Bulusan, Mount Mayon, and Donsol’s dive sites, it forms an experience rich tourist quadrangle that can cater to adventurers and thrill-seekers.

Few things in life are as delightful as a drop of water. Water tickles our senses in the subtlest ways. It calms us, nurtures us, and sings to us in ways that both exciting and sublime. Sorsogon Bay WCP looks to incorporate water in all its aspects into our lives. Celebrating life in all colors and shades, it is a study in fluidity and of patterns; a blending of what’s essential and what’s desired.

The integrated central bus and jeepney terminal will provide WCP with a steady stream of visitors. The terminals will be designed to steer clear of the typical dreary, bland, and soulless terminal archetype. It is intended to function as a playful and enjoyable place to facilitate transportation and tourism in Sorsogon Province.

Centered on the cultural village, the water cultural park seeks to connect with the history of the place. The cultural village is an experiential destination where one can learn and participate in distinct traditions like weaving, pottery, and carving. One can also listen to folktales and folksongs, watch and learn traditional dances, and taste the delightful flavors of native food and delicacies.

The riverfront mall is where the ribbon walk leads to the Sipac River which provides a refreshing al fresco dining experience. One can also wander around and explore the various shops and establishments in the mall or just sit and relax by the rainbow plaza and enjoy the colors of life. For a different dining experience, the waterfront park showcases wide open views of Sorsogon Bay which provide the perfect ambiance for a lovely feast of seafood and a great variety of international cuisines.

The Ivory Resort Hotel will be the premier hotel in Sorsogon. It will seek to provide guests with the ideal resort experience and satisfy their need for a modern suburban retreat. The clean lines and the open plans will give the much needed breathing space for the weary urbanite. WCP will be the lynchpin development of Sorsogon City. It will attract both foreign and domestic travelers who seek to experience life in the tropics or to simply relax and unwind in an idyllic setting. WCP will integrate all its components and form a complete destination package. A place where one can find that life is a celebration.

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