Spa & Wellness Klosterneuburg

Spa & Wellness Klosterneuburg

SUE Architekten
Klosterneuburg, Austria
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ÖL Spa & Wellness Klosterneuburg

SUE Architekten as Architects

A classic house, built in the seventies, in a prime location. The view is spectacular, surrounded by greenery, no other buildings nearby - in the distance you can see the spires of Klosterneuburg Monastery and at night a faint flicker of big city lights. The terrace is soaked in sun, from the morning until nightfall. Yet, before renovation, the garden level of the house was not really being used. A connecting staircase from the higher-level living room area to the garden level led into a dark cellar room; the space lacked light and openness. Now, after the renovation works, the garden level has opened up a whole new world for the young family – right at home. From their living area they can move directly into their own leisure and relaxation area. Laid-back and light, the perogola and panorama terrace are located in front of the existing house. The southern face of the house is brought to life by giving it its own life, without disturbing the existing house. At the garden level, the outdoor and indoor areas flow effortlessly into each other. In the warm summer months, the pool, the pergola and the large garden melt into a single, harmonious unit. During the cold months, the delicate frames of the Minimal Windows glazing effectively keep the cosy heat inside, while still offering an unrestricted outdoor view. A young family has many desires, which should be able to come true in such a location. For this reason we have treated the hillside walls as large sculptures to discretely house these necessities. For example, a fitness area for daily exercising can easily be integrated into the main area. And our clients love to invite and lavishly entertain their friends. This is where the integrated summer kitchen comes into play. The spacious rest area leads to the sauna, and the niches in the wall were tailor-made to exhibit the African animal sculptures of the clients. The gold-anodised grid ceiling of the pool captures the pattern of the tiled floor; in the evenings it reflects the water. The sky opens up. And if perchance the next generation takes over the room, spreads out the toys or splashes lively in the pool, you simply bring in the home cinema system integrated into the ceiling. This can be comfortably operated, like the lighting system and the entire home automation system, via I-Pad from the sofa or the office in town. The compliment us planners appreciate most? Unobtrusive, persistent luxury. „Now we spend most of our time downstairs, with family and friends. Instead of going to a public spa or cinema, we now prefer to stay at home with friends. Go out for dinner? We rather have nice food delivered to us.“

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