Spíti Manifésto Dýo

Spíti Manifésto Dýo

Montreal, Canada
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Rebuilding old suburbia

anar-CHIE-tecture as Architects

New residential project in Montreal, the project consist of adding another floor to a new growing family, The house originally made in the 1950s has a somewhat prarie style architecture probably influenced by the Frank Lloyd Wright at the time. The main concept is permeability, create a new inetrior architecture that is in direct connection with the exterior. The exterior architecture is a result of the interior function... The upper level shall be mainly be composed of a wood exterior finish to lighten the weight on the structure and to still feel the signature of the original brick. After The clients were very open to a bioclimatic architecture and a reinterpretation of the typical house postwar. This open mindedness turned into closed mindedness on the part of the city official at the city of Montreal. Several proposals were submitted in the Department allowed the city of Montreal, but in vain. These are concepts that have not been retained by the city, but that allowed my clients to dream ...

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