Sportpark Katteberg

Sportpark Katteberg

De Gouden Liniaal Architecten bvba
Katteberg, Bilzen, Belgium
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Sports Centres

Sportpark Katteberg

De Gouden Liniaal Architecten bvba as Architects

The design integrates the planned construction of a new athletics track around the existing artificial turf field, provides a new building in between the track and the current main field and plans for a new BMX trail alongside the existing stairfield.

The planned infrastructure works should be an invitation to reconnect the entire complex with other facilities in the immediate area and the park landscape as a whole.

Duet to the very limited width between the new track and the main field, the requested program is accommodated in a long and narrow building. The double stand is not located in front of the cafeteria as one would expect, which led to the creation of a sheltered entrance area from which visitors can choose their way.

The existing height difference in the terrain (the main field is approximately 1.30m lower than the athletics track) is compensated throughout the entire building. The changing rooms are half-sunken in the ground, with the cafeteria placed on top. An asymmetrical stand for spectators forms a talus in a naturally flowing way. The highest level of the stand is at the same level as the floor of the cafeteria.

The full program is constructed within a tight, modular grid. The constructive structure of the building follows this modulation, with a pure, functional and economic structure as a result. The roof is carried by slender steel columns following this grid. The massive part of the building (changing rooms among others) is, as it were, shifted below the structure.

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