spot by 22quadrat / six million dots / hand-applied / spatial graphics + guidance system / schunk group / cooperation mmz archit

22quadrat gmbh as Architects

"The only joy in the world is to begin. it is good to be alive because living is beginning, always, every moment." - cesare pavese (1908-50), italian writer

22quadrat developed a spatial graphics and a signage system for the new office building of schunk group. This work conveys the corporate culture and serves an easy spatial orientation.

The creation of your world, shaped by unrestrained powers, expressivity, coincidence, pure energy and the union of billion small particles to one vast entirety, that constantly moves and evolutionary-revolutionary changes. eternal processes: recurring beginnings creating something new - sometimes dynamically, sometimes completely quite, sometimes explosively expressive, sometimes slow, sometimes uncontrollably flowing.

"spot" originated - like almost all products of schunk - from pure graphite. with a series of impulsive drafts 22quadrat created a visual and intuitive experience of the material.

The smallest part, the dust particle: seemingly insignificant, however its conglomeration creates stars and planets - life. 22quadrat interpreted the particle to its simplest graphical archetype - the dot. comprehensible for every human being regardless their age, nationality, education and faith.

Out of this arose the allegory of the schunk-world: thousands of employees are part of a bigger picture. they are individual carbon particles, only possible to bring something new and great into being in connection with other elements.

This dynamic, constantly changing, process moves through the entire architecture, accompanies the visitors, takes them by their hands - always in motion between loud and quiet. Afterwards approximately 6 million dots were transferred by hand onto the walls of the new building. The "futura" from paul renner was used aus typographic interpretation of the dot. thereby the guidance system was developed.

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