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Steinway Hall and Showroom

Steinway Hall and Showroom

Selldorf Architects
New York, United States

Steinway Hall and Showroom

SEFAR as Manufacturers

The new location brings together Steinway's storied heritage with new musical and SEFAR® Architecture Fabrics technological innovations in a contemporary setting. Inside Steinway Hall, guests find well lit and glare free light difused through Sefar Fabrics. Also, the space is acoustically improved due to these fabrics benefits to also reduce reverberation time. Steinway Hall to recital hall and showroom is drastically improved from the visual and acoustical features of SEFAR® Architecture Fabrics.

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Office building Rathausstraße 1
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Rathausstraße 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria - Build completed in 2020
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