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Stommel Haus Show Home Heated with Solar Ice

Stommel Haus Show Home Heated with Solar Ice

Stommel Haus
Frechen, Germany
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Contemporary, top quality timber house heated with Solar Ice

Stommel Haus as and Architects

The new show home of Stommel Haus built 2012 near Cologne, is be heated with a new high-tech system using solar and ice energy. Besides the fantastic architecture of the open plan, airy and light contemporary timber house and the typical top quality of Stommel Haus, the novelty of this house is its heating system “Solar Ice”. The heating system linked to the under-floor heating on all floors of the house provides the warmth in the winter and cools the house in a hot summer. The full height windows, the glass front over two storeys on the front elevation and a sun-room provide lots of light for the house with 4 bedrooms and around 200 m² living space.

The house uses the “Solar Ice” heating system - a product by Isocal. “Solar Ice” uses several means of sustainable energy: In the summer the heat gained from the surrounding earth and the heat of the solar thermal panel on the roof is stored in the Solar Ice water storage buried in the ground. When the cold season starts, the water in this water storage is slowly cooled down. “The heat difference during this process is used by the heat pump to generate heat for the under-floor heating and the hot water”, explains MD Ralf Stommel. At the end of the heating period, the opposite process starts and the ice, which is created during the winter period, melts due to the rising temperature of the soil and with support from a solar thermal collector on the roof of the house. “In the same way the heat energy was stored in the “Solar Ice” storage, the cold of the water storage can be used to gently cool the house in a hot summer”, Mr. Stommel explains. The efficiency and performance of the system makes it one of the most efficient geothermal systems on the market. This novel heating system is already successfully in use by various German Stommel Haus clients in Germany.

Barbara Fischer-Clark, UK agent for Stommel Haus states: "We believe that the new show home using the latest sustainable heating technology will attract the interest of a lot of consumers. The architecture of the house is beautiful, the light and space of the house make for a wonderful space. We are looking forward to demonstrating the comfort, quality and energy efficiency of this wonderful 4 bedroom house to British consumers from June 2012.”

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