Stone Box _ Cenador en Valencia

Stone Box _ Cenador en Valencia

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Stone Box _ Exterior Space

VIMARVI as Architects

Stone Box was designed to resolve the issues of an exterior space in a large house that had fallen in disuse.

As always occurs in large gardens, they are not useful if they cannot be fully enjoyed day to day. For this reason within the first visit the client confided in us to create a connection space that organizes the garden giving it vitality and functionality that up to the moment it didn’t possess.

To achieve this, it’s thought in an opened-closed object, without renouncing the warmth and functionality of the interior spaces, even though being on the exterior. The idea that the object can be closed or opened depending on the moment seemed like an interesting idea and a very ideal given the position it has.

This two premises make us to propose the option of developing both different elements. On one hand, we created a big solid box, a kind of a big stone support, that hosts in the interior everything we need. On the other hand, the scale of heaviness of the box contrast with a horizontal plane that serves as a cover, which is light as well.

The concept of a closed box is reached via the use of the same material thanks to X-Light porcelain tile (Porcelanosa), that enable us to design large panels to close the space. While it’s closed we perceive it like one whole space, but when it's opened shows the richness of the elements that encompass within its interior. The coverage is resolved through a light metallic structure whit a wood plane in the interior.

In this manner, this exterior space becomes a perfect place to live and enjoy.

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ElementBrandProduct name
Revestimiento PorcelánicoPORCELANOSA
VentiladorFARO Barcelona
Fuegos de encimeraPITT cooking
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Revestimiento Porcelánico
Fuegos de encimera
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