St.Voile chapel

St.Voile chapel

Kasahara Design Work
Niigata, Japan
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St.Voile chapel

Kasahara Design Work as Architects

The design concept is a “wedding veil”, translated into a clean space that surrounds the holy ceremony and dance blessing two people. The white is considered to be the color that is religiously important from old days, the veil in particular has been conveyed as the thing which protected a bride from a wicked thing. The veil is represented by a structure of pipes which are all arcs of same 5000R, and are reversed each line in the long distance direction. I expressed the movement that each cloth waves by moving the position of intersection of the arc little by little and changing an angle. They are independent from the one of the skeleton: when we look up, several pieces of cloth seems to dance in a ceiling flutteringly, catching the light from the ceiling.

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