Submission for the euramax competiton

Submission for the euramax competiton

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Submission for the euramax competiton

SPKTR architects as Architects

Euramax is a compagny that produces aluminium composite panels that are used for facades all overthe world and it seemed us important that the façade of this company should reflect thisinternational character.

Several keywords could resume the company Euramax: Aluminium composite panels, roof and facadecladding, design, ecological, technologycal, architectural experience, etc.For our proposal we thought it would be interesting to use the aluminium composite panels as a realmaterial instead of a cladding system. We try to combine all of that keyword on a unique, dynamiqueand relevant design.

We could develop a facade where we would use a nice graphic design to turn the facade into acolorfull and interesting tridimensionnels facade.

In fact this is not the facade of a normal building but this is the building where these aluminiumcomposite panels are produced. So let take it a step futher… We want to create a facade that will notonly be interesting and colorfull, but also will reflect the technology used behind the facade: What isa aluminium composite panel? How do you fixe it? What can you do with it?

Our proposal consists in installing a primary structure on the existing facade on witch we will fixed thealuminium panels. The panels will be fixed perpendicularly on the existing facade. Like this we willshow the product and his composition. To increase the ecological impact it seemed us important touse rests, cancelled orders,… in this way the facade will become much more than a pretty face, it willshow that euramax is busy with ecological footprint and that is an important marqueting tool.

The other benefit you get from using bits and other parts of past orders will transform the newfacade in a living catalogue. When people will drive or walk by, they will recognize part of a logo, seepart of prints, colors,… and by the way they will understand the possibilities of the product.The existing facade will be dressed up with a dense 3d mosaic that shows the product possibilitiesand the technical structure behind it.

To intensify the experience we provide the whole structure of backlighting, so in that way and atnight, the 3d mosaic gets lost in the dark but the logo jumps out to passing cars or people.This project will provide you company of the perfect marqueting tool with a direct, creative andhonest answer.

Luc Pécourt & Peter Windey for Spktrarchitects

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