Berlin, Germany


TOPOS – Stadtplanung, Landschaftsplanung, Stadtforschung as Landscape Architects

The project is located in the Eastern Berlin Burroughs of Hohenschönhausen which is determined by its huge building estates of prefabricated concrete. The intention was to create a landscape design for a courtyard of two new residential buildings in collaboration with the artist Alvar Beyer.

In juxtaposition of the austere new built architecture a vibrant and artistic landscape was desired which is divided in a paved playing area and a topographically moving lawn landscape, in which an elevated pavilion and a range of colored concrete shafts are incorporated as sculptures. This mix of moving and meditative elements aimed to create an environment in which relaxation and playful entertainment were possible.

The elements consist of colored concrete in red, blue and yellow. They divide and structure the square from the adjacent green area and serve as a residence and play area. Depending on the position of the viewer the arranged elements constantly create interesting points of view.

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