Suite Harmony of contrasts

Suite Harmony of contrasts

Barcelona, Spain
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Suite Harmony of contrasts by Barasona

Barasona Diseño y Comunicacion as Carmen Barasona

BARASONA Interiorismo y Comunicación creates a suite without separations, fusing the classic and the industrial thing and incorporating the most advanced technologies like cromatherapy and home automation.

Respecting the own virtues of the building there is created a hot and elegant environment, where the lighting plays a priority paper: there is in use an electrical installation of Fontini's surface and home automation for the energetic saving and efficiency in the lighting.

Fontini is a company compromised with a better use of the resources, offers us solutions in our interior projects as pipes of metal, surface mechanisms … elaborated with recyclable materials as the steel, crystal and ecological wood that come from sustainable forests and using to the minimum plastic in his products.

The bath is one of the most innovative parts of the project, offering complementary therapies as Ramon Soler's Hidrocromoterapia. An oasis of health in our bath.

Ramon Soler's HIDROCROM, is a sprayer with a program of cromotherapy that it wraps you in a bath of water, light and color. HIDROCROM contributes the big advantages of the luxury cabins, and in addition for being a simple, economic sprayer and of easy installation, gives you more freedom in the project of a bath to your measure and to your taste, where you can choose coverings, screens, shower taps …

Harmony of Contrasts Suite is a sustainable project, a suite where it is reused industrial elements for daily use.


-Hidrocrom shower Sprayer that contributes a system of hidrocromatherapy and saves water in 40 % without losing Ramon Soler's comfort and saves energy for the utilization of leds.

- Drako shower taps collection with ecostop system, saving water and energy by Ramon Soler.

- cromotherapy system prototypes of Ramon Soler made with leds for the energetic saving.

RAMON SOLER INDUSTRIES reuse materials like brass, cartons and recycled oils for the production of his products. In Spain they are pioneering in saving water and energy systems.

It is a company that supports humanitarian reasons equipping centers of Rehabilitation or integrating disabled persons.

Electrical mechanisms with ecological wood frames, metal and crystal and steel pipes for electrical installation in surface by FONTINI. Record boxes and electrical mechanisms of surface and Fontini's fixed Rocking Switches. Rocking Switches prepared for Fontini's home automated installation.

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ManufacturersRamon SolerDrako by Ramon Soler, Hidrocrom by Ramon Soler
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