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Risch, Switzerland
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Suurstoffi Development Shimmers with SEFAR® Architecture VISION

SEFAR as Manufacturers

Project. A large development is being built in the central Swiss town of Rotkreuz, which when finished will include homes, offices, and a villagelike infrastructure. The core themes of ”Suurstoffi”, which means oxygen in local dialect, are high density, differing architectural languages and a forwardlooking energy concept. At one time, pure oxygen was produced in two old factory buildings in a central area directly by the railway station, but in the mid-1980s this operation ceased and the area lay dormant for many years. The ”Suurstoffi” complex development is in response to the growth of Risch-Rotkreuz into a town, and by 2018 it will have an integrated quarter with a wide selection of housing in addition to service areas.

Concept/Design. The services infrastructure with daycare facilities for young children, restaurants, local food stores, and leisure activities form an attractive spatial structure offering a high standard of living. Outdoor areas boast a high level of bio-diversity and are free from traffic. The first phase of construction has resulted in apartments for rental, 9000 m2 of office space, and 3000 m2 of service areas. The Novartis Corporation relocated its Swiss Headquarters and 400 employees to ”Suurstoffi” at the beginning of 2013. This section of office real-estate is fitted with SEFAR® Architecture VISION Fabric AL 140/70. The aluminum coated fabric is, in addition, printed in four separate colors, whose configuration produces an interesting effect.

Construction. The building frontage has box windows with hanging glass facades mounted on aluminum frames. The laminated safety glass incorporating open-mesh SEFAR® Architecture VISION Fabric has a four-sided, 40mm black, ceramic strip. Various glass sizes: Smallest element: 720 ¥ 3260 mm, Largest element: 1920 ¥ 4300 mm. The total area with Vision Fabric is 3400 m2. The AL 140/70 fabric is cut back all around.

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Product Spec Sheet
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