Swimming pool cover with retractable  roof

Swimming pool cover with retractable roof

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Swimming pool cover with retractable polycarbonate roof

Cospico as Retractable roof

Cospiscine mobile and fixed covers guarantee use all year round and give an unparalleled aesthetic to your pool with its modern design, high standard construction and the excellent quality of the materials used which are certified with ISO 9001: 2008. Retractable Roofs as well as Pool Covers will create an indoor environment protecting you from the elements when closed, transforming the pool area into an indoor pool that can be used as a year round pool. With our Retractable Roofs it will turn your outdoor pool into an indoor pool paradise, also know as an indoor outdoor pool or inside out pools. Best of both worlds! Homeowners, hotels etc. are unable to use their outdoor pool when the weather is inclement or during the colder months without a pool enclosure. Made with polycarboante and aluminum rafters, the retractable room protects the pool from debris and is climate controlled. It can also withstand snow and wind loads. A pool enclosure enhances the value of your swimming pool and allows for year-round swimming over your pool investment.

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Retractable roof
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Retractable roof Cospico
Product Spec Sheet
Retractable roof
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Hematology Clinic, State Hospital LKH Graz
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