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Swiss Re Next

Swiss Re Next

Licht Kunst Licht AG

Diener & Diener Architekten
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Swiss Re Next

Occhio as Manufacturers

Occhio sets the scene for sophisticated architecture

With its new headquarters at the Zurich Mythenquai, the Swiss reinsurance group Swiss Re has established an office complex in Switzerland that is both architecturally and conceptually innovative. Its high standards for architecture and premium materials is a common theme throughout the complex – including the lighting concept. With the Più piano, Occhio delivers a spotlight that joins the highest quality of product and light and thus blends perfectly into the sophisticated concept.

Swiss Re has established its company campus right on the shore of the of Lake Zurich at Mythenquai. At the heart of the complex is the Swiss Re Next office building that was designed by Basel-based architectural firm Diener & Diener. The outer layer of the daylight-optimized facade is made of suspended waves of glass that reflect the surroundings and weather during the day, and offer glimpses into the building’s depth and structure in the evening. Natural light plays an important role in the architecture of the building, where it flows in through two atriums that run along the entire height of the building.

The building’s interior is characterized by premium quality materials and finishes that make the sophisticated architecture accessible. The material is meant to be visible: polished steel, various sorts of glass, natural stone, leather, just to name a few. The lighting also holds to this concept. With its refined look and glass lens, Più piano by Occhio is therefore in perfect harmony with the elegant concept of the building.

The basic ambient lighting of the building employs downlights integrated into the ceiling and additional wall washers that illuminate individual wall surfaces for emphasis and orientation. On the office floors, integrated ceiling illumination is limited to the core zones.

In order to maintain the visual appearance of reduced ceilings, designers chose the sophisticated and elegant spotlights Più piano by Occhio with a visible glass lens. The glass lens of Più piano stages the downlight as part of the materialization of the building and, at the same time, ensures a visible, brilliant point of light in the ceiling. The pivotable spotlights also enable the basic lighting to be adjusted according to the stage of the building's completion, and works of art can be optimally showcased. Overall, approximately 1,500 Più piano spotlights were installed. In addition, the Più piano »perfect color« LEDs

 (CRI 97) provide the highest efficiency with the best quality of light.

The sustainable and forward-looking mindset of the builder is also evident in the use of resources, energy and cost effectiveness of the project. The exclusively LED, very energy-efficient lighting is thus just one component of the sustainability concept that received two distinctions in a row: first the LEED Platinum followed by the Minergie-P-ECO Certificate. Thanks to the Occhio next generation LEDs, the Occhio luminaires also meet the strictest efficiency standards: they provide the highest luminous power for optimal quality of light with minimal energy consumption.

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