Swissotel The Stamford Singapore (renovation)

Swissotel The Stamford Singapore (renovation)

Wilson Associates

Swissotel The Stamford Singapore (renovation)

Wilson Associates as Architects

The renovation of Swissotel’s 1,262 guest rooms in the iconic The Stamford Singapore hotel channel the Swiss lifestyle of effortless innovation and simplicity in an urban retreat. The design details incorporate the Swiss cross reinvented, as orange or red stitching on furniture, in the accessories present in the room, and in the fabric patterns and bed linens. Like the components of a Swiss watch, everything in the guest room has a place and function, allowing guests to unwind in a contemporary, comfortable space.


Drawing from what made the Swiss recognizably “Swiss” as well as from the people’s “practically elegant” demeanour and DNA (aka design nodes and algorithms), the design team began the journey to explore what makes the Swiss hardwired and mind-set for innovation. Additionally, the design draws from something we all strive for -- making it look effortless. Key words driving the design were practicality, precision, innovation, elegance, and effortless.


The Swiss, much like Singapore, share some parallels, owing their existence to geography. Singapore is an island surrounded by water, and Switzerland is surrounded mostly by high and mountainous terrain. Locked in geographically, and out of necessity, the Swiss found ways to innovate with what they had available, and became very good at it. This became what we all come to recognize as “Swiss Made.” The design of The Stamford’s renovated guestrooms is a nod to Swiss precision.


The local flavor is accentuated through the artworks which subtly weave Singaporean and Swiss subjects into a continuous narrative. The room features a valet stand at the entrance, which, with its many components and functions, is an analogy of the Swiss Watch box where everything has its place. We have added an umbrella stand and a shoe platform to the valet stand to strengthen the local connection.


As a nod to the Swiss Vernacular the design team added a twist to the timber flooring – solid wood inserts reminiscent of an actual Swiss lodge. The custom rug designs are derived from the timber flooring and veneer wood wall slats.


The Swiss attention to detailing was very important to the design team. The art of discovery is key to finding how the room works and everything fits just like the dials of a Swiss watch. The minibar has precise components and functions, and a surprise finish within the cabinetry. Special attention was paid to the placement of the condiments, cutlery, and glass and stemware drawer.


The Swiss lifestyle is accentuated with various touchpoints around the room. The room’s snack basket is designed with a picnic basket in mind. The accent chair is a modern interpretation of the rocking chair and one of the bedside tables is a modern take on the Swiss life-saving brandy barrel. In the bathrooms, each vanity counter features a “Vanity Box” packed full of useful toiletries with space for the guest to arrange their own items neatly.


Throughout the room the Swiss Cross is reinvented through the stitching details, bookshelves, robe hooks, door pulls, artworks and interior design wall expressions.

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