A Perfect Explanation of Modernism (Nanjing Xianlin University CBD)

Royal Design Canada as Architects

"Nanjing Xianlin University University CBD" is a combination of an information center, a business district, a conference area, an administration center, a hotel and a business plaza, as well as a business pedestrian street. The group is located within the interlacing street net and green water. Every building in the group has the same modern style. At the center of the group is a tall, spherical information center. The top is treated as a sharp random high and low shape and extends infinitely. The bottom mainly consisted of a group of buildings in half spherical type and extends up gradually, which creates the elegant and modern rhythm. The business district uses horizontal lines matching the glass to create a modern effect. The meeting center accentuated by arcs, creates the harmonic rhythm. The hotel has an extraordinary style that is achieved by combining the hanging structure to the steel structure and thus forming a special, spatial effect. The commercial area creates a hearty, symphonic rhythm by applying vertical lines to a massive body.

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