T.9 House

T.9 House

Sergey Nasedkin - ARCH.625
Moscow Region, Russian Federation
Project Year
Private Houses

T.9 House

Sergey Nasedkin - ARCH.625 as Architects

The rapidly erected country house, industrial methods of designing and building are applied to private housing, the dimensions multiple of glued panels in accordance with GOST, it has allowed to realize the project under a key basis in the period less than 4 months. The purposes – to enter a low-rise housing in a landscape, to make it invisible as much as possible. The style of the 30 - 40s of the last century taken as the basis for design. The main component of the orientation of the house is insolation and geomancy: taken into account all the directions, energy outputs for the owners of the houses, the garden of stones with the astral triangles and Any interior, as it is known, is result- the result of joint creative work of the architect and the the customer, in which aesthetic center- reading and way of life of the client are not IU- her principal role than creative position of the author. The ability to understand the customer, finding the artistic form of the realization of his wishes, is an important make up of professionalism. So интерье- constructed, designed for architects their homes and offices, are of particular interest. They are something more, the interior: as a rule, it is a creative the Manifesto of the author.


Deprived of necessary of subordinate its submission to the Pro- крустово bed posed by the client for the- Duch, the architect gets the same freedom, as an artist or writer, whose work much less dependent on external interference the government. When designing your own house, AB- the Torah does not have to take into account the way of life, habits and ideals of other people: instead of this, it implements its own presentation the population of space and time, the ideal a modus vivendi, and optimal ratio- scientific research Institute of architecture and landscape, the volume and of the interior. Designing for themselves, style tor is beyond the scope of professionalism in the space of pure creativity. Therefore frequently such projects are true masterpieces. A typical example of this - this country the house belonging to architect Sergey Наседкину. When designing your own live- sche, the author sought not only to create a com- фортное and comfortable living space, but and realize their art the principles. Being a staunch supporter of the ideals of the modernist architecture, Sergey Nasedkin sure that эстетическийоблик the building should be logical in the establishment of its functions and design - conditioned the technology. In addition, the architecture of the building were implemented the principles of «Organic architecture» of Frank Lloyd Wright: a concise the rectangular shape of volume, its horizontal occupational proportions and simple, but expressive of- делка is an example of how creation che- man can become a harmonic addition organic landscape. However, this project is not just pastiche by the architecture of 30-40 years of the twentieth century. «Indeed relatively, in the design were using n characteristic of the directions of the methods and parties, " argues Sergei Nasedkin, " But in our days there are a lot of new techno- technologies and materials that are unknown in the days of behind-the - the birth of modernist architecture, which, no doubt, have had a significant impact on the stylistic decision. This object являетсяновым reading of the architecture of the last century. much more.


Material used :

1. wooden panels on the facade and in the interior

2. thermo glass

3. the Foundation concrete

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3d Krasnoselskaya lane 19/13, Business Complex "Red Arrow"107140, Moscow, Russia - Build completed in 2019
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