Shangping Village Regeneration - Tai Fu Tai Mansion Area

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio as Architects

The last design area of the Shang Ping Village Regeneration is somewhere hidden inside the village. It locates on the east stream. According to the legend, a giant house named ‘Tai Fu Tai Mansion’ at here was built by a famous government officer after retirement. The gate tower is well preserved but the main building was destroyed by a fire many years ago, which is quite regretful. The original cultural elements and landscape likepond, ancient wells, bamboo shoots squeeze, gateway and the ancient stage ruins are utilized by designers for the regeneration. Some unused structures such as pigsty and shed are obviouson site, which is remained to be major landscape elements. Actually, these existing structures become great resources for new types of business as well as village revival.

Special location and culture of Tai Fu Tai mansion make it a great attraction for tourists. However, lack of public realms like restaurants and visitors’ center impact the tourism industry and local economy. The design team renovated unused spaces by plugging in new programs, transforming pervious production spaces into cultural/commercial use. A series of cultural products and activities attached to these spaces also have a strong appeal to travelers. It makes more sense to combine cultural industry and spatial design together for rural renovation.

Restored buildings in Tai Fu Tai Mansion Area include Quanli Pigsty Bistro remodeled from a pigsty, Lotus Chamber, a teahouse remodeled from utility rooms, Quanwai Orchard Conference Room, and two wooden canopies that was originally used to store agricultural equipment and has been re-designed as a major open experience space.

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