Taiping Ancient Town of Suzhou

Taiping Ancient Town of Suzhou

BLVD International

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Suzhou, Jiangsu, China | View Map


BLVD International as Architects

Based on the cultural and creative industry as well as publishing
industry, with the core of characteristic culture and life culture,
and supplemented by the comprehensive utilization of tourism
resources, Taiping Ancient Town forms a characteristic style
blending rich living atmosphere, folk customs, tourism and
industry. It’s a town embracing characteristic industries and at
the same time provides the public with a characteristic town for
leisure, entertainment and touring.
Challenges set by similar areas around Taiping Ancient Town-
There are many tourist towns around Suzhou, which will have
a certain impact on the formation. This also requires Taiping
Ancient Town to be different from other ancient towns in
planning and positioning.
Challenges to the implementation of the project-As the
construction of Taiping Ancient Town has been in disrepair
for a long time, the environmental quality has not been well
protected. Future development and implementation will also
cause difficulties.
The design introduces "book" culture as the soul and New
Economy concept of “human experience and the ancient
town tourism”, which has become an important means of
urban repair, ecological restoration and industrial repair with
innovations in form, industry composition and operation mode.

Through transformation, the integration of architecture and city is realized.
From big to small, providing a display window of old house remodeling
and regional culture in a point-and-face manner, combined with the culture
contained in the ancient house to shape a new lifestyle and integrate into
urban life.

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