Tallinn Architecture Biennale Opens on September 8th in Tallinn

Tallinn Architecture Biennale Opens on September 8th in Tallinn

Tallinn , Estonia
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Tallinn Architecture Biennale Opens on September 8th in Tallinn

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The first international Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB) takes place September 8th – 11th in the Estonian capital. TAB’s main theme is landscape urbanism and the relationships between the fields of architecture, landscape architecture and urbanism. TAB comprises of multiple types of events: exhibitions, vision competition, symposium, lectures, discussions, workshops and guided tours in various parts of Tallinn. Invited guests include architects and related professionals from Estonia, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Estonian Centre of Architecture as the main organizer of TAB is happy to invite everyone interested in architecture and urban issues to celebrate contemporary architecture at the first Tallinn Architecture Biennale.

The co-curator of TAB, architect Villem Tomiste believes that in addition to the cultural value the biennale offers a good platform for networking as well as for introducing Estonian architecture to the world. „Considering the small size of Estonia it is very important for local architects to see past the state borders – to show themselves and their works, collaborate with foreign architects, exchange information and experiences“, said Tomiste.

The first TAB concentrates on the topics of architecture, landscape architecture and urbanism, gathered under the title landscape urbanism. „Via landscapes we can learn the underlying structures of nature as useful patterns for improving urban life“, explained architect Katrin Koov, curator of the TAB symposium.

TAB comprises of three main events: the symposium Landscape Urbanism (curator Katrin Koov), the main exhibition 11FLIRTS (curator Villem Tomiste) and the vision competition STREET 2020. Invited guests and lecturers include architects Eva Castro (AA School, Plasmastudio, GroundLab / UK), François Roche (R&Sie(n) / FR), Antti Lehto, Sami Heikkinen, Vesa Humalisto (Serum Architects / FI), Thomas Juel Clemmensen, Morten Daugaard (Aarhus Architecture School / DK), Johan Paju (KTH, Paju Arkitektur / SE), Martin Melioranski (EKA, Meliorad / EST).

Tallinn Architecture Biennale aims to become a regular architecture festival. The main organizer of TAB is the Estonian Centre of Architecture, but the team also includes representatives from the Union of Estonian Architects, Estonian Academy of Arts and the city of Tallinn. The main financial supporters of TAB are the Estonian Cultural Endowment, Estonian Ministry of Culture and the city of Tallinn. Other collaborating institutions: Estonian Architecture Museum, Culture Factory Kultuurikatel. Sponsors: British Council, Danish Cultural Institute, USA Embassy, Weber, Fenestra, Fintelement, Laservisioon, E-Betoon, Carmen Grupp, Velux, Kerbera Ehitus.

Estonian Centre of Architecture aims to become a platform and distributor of architectural information, know-how and ideas in the Estonian society; it aims to introduce Estonian architecture internationally and to become a laboratory of innovations that develops Estonian culture and creative industry. Estonian Centre of Architecture was founded by the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Union of Estonian Architects at the end of 2008.

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