Rumah Taman - Ciganjur. South Jakarta

VA'astu Architecture Studio as Design and Build

Dear readers, let's review one of the works of VAastu Architecture Studio in 2017. We named it "Rumah Taman".

The plan at the beginning of the renovation is to add the first floor living room to the expansion of the old living room and family room. Then it developed to add a children's room on the second floor. The position of the new children's room is above the new guest room. The position of the old children's room on the second floor changed its function to a study room and connecting circulation between the child's room and the parent's room.

For the front view of the house, the design style is harmonized with the old house to impress the house without renovation or additional size. By aligning the appearance of the house, it creates harmony between the old and new buildings and the surrounding environment.

The front pergola is maintained and makes a major accent on the facade of the house. we added the lee kwan yu plant on the right side of the pergola to add a soft impression to the facade and reduce the strong geometry. This can be a tip for the reader, when your home facade feels too stiff, then add plant elements to the front garden. These tips are very effective and another bonus is to give a fresh and beautiful impression.

For arrangement the back garden plant is not changed because it is good. The rear garden also acts as a view of the living room on the first floor and the children's bedroom on the second floor. In this house the living room has two views, namely the front garden view and the back garden view. This method managed to give the impression of a living room wider than its original size.

In this project we learn to implement "sustainable design". Think more to use items that are not used then use them again into design and construction with new functions. By implementing "sustainable design" it can cut the cost of renovation. So that the extra costs are allocated to repair other parts of the house. This can be a tip for readers who plan home renovations with limited costs. Make a list of which items will be used again. Give the list to the architect, contractor or foreman that you appoint, so that when execution, the items in the list will be carefully dismantled and the placement will be adjusted according to what has been determined by your architect.

There are so many presentations of our work and as usual we present them in blogs with pictures of " Rumah Taman - Ciganjur. South Jakarta". Don't forget to get the latest info on our works on "Instagram - @vaastustudio". Please visit and follow us.

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