Tea Pavilion in private Villa by o9_architecture + Paolo Mestriner

o9 architecture as Architects

Along the lake of San Felice del Benaco, we can find the holistic centre BeQui, surrounded by a remarkable environment and landscape...

The idea of realizing a small Tea pavilion, in order to welcome the ceremony for the customers of the centre, comes from the meeting between the owner and director of this centre, Alice Ranzanici, and the team o9_architecture.

Since the very first time you see this place, you feel like placing the pavilion in an isolated part of the garden, not visually connected to the lake. This facilitates the introspection process, which is a distinguishing feature of the Tea ceremony and the Japanese culture.

You will listen to the lake, instead of looking at it, helping the intervention of the other senses, which nowadays are often forgotten; against the dominance of the vision.

First you pay attention to the pathway that, from the holistic centre leads you to the pavilion: a wooden ramp of 6 meters passes through 2 poplars, a male one and a female one. Just like in an interior research, you can reach the inner part of the pavilion, freeing yourself among the trees and catching sight of the entry.

We can observe two elements in the project, both from a compositional and matter point of view: the first one is the chestnut ramp that, by coming in the pavilion and inclining, is no longer a pathway, but a place where you can stop. The second element is the external skin, made of strips of larch, designed as a temporary element, that could be replaced or changed in the course of the years.

By doing this, a part of the architecture has been designed to remain and the other has a different relationship with the time, so that it can change according to the commission, just like a dress.

The skin in strips helps those who take part in the ceremony choose the degree of attention they can pay to the surrounding environment: focusing on the inside, the pavilion gives a protection and concentration feeling; focusing on the surrounding landscape, you directly find yourself in the nature of the park.

This project has been realized with participants of the workshop #w9_01:

Barbara Bergamaschi, Annamaria Caronna, Marco Faravelli, Silvia Faravelli, Linda Ferrero, Federico Olivari, Silvia Pozzi, Thomas Tellarini, Andrea Temponi, Francesca Tiberi.

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