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Tecnólogico de Monterrey

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Tecnológico de Monterrey

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Mexico’s premier university system is the Tecnológico de Monterrey—or ‘Tec’. With over 26 regional campuses in 25 cities across the country, they are a thriving center of education and learning, and one of the most recognized universities in Latin America.


Having completed a recent, comprehensive rebranding effort with the renowned Chermayeff + Geismar + Haviv (CGH), Tec's new, modern, clean look reached across the university - reaching everything from stationery to promotional items. Entro | CVEDesign was engaged to refresh their aging wayfinding system with upgraded signage that reflected their new fresh, contemporary aesthetic. This included the development of interior signage program standards for all campus buildings across Mexico and an additional 5 donor recognition programs.


In order to get a complete understanding of their signage and wayfinding issues and challenges, we reviewed existing conditions, architectural and navigational cues, as well as existing campus signage, at Monterrey, Tec’s largest and most prominent campus. Our comprehensive survey afforded us a depth of understanding of current conditions and future needs.


We created a scalable interior and exterior system that would be hugely adaptable to different messages and needs, a key factor in implementation beyond the Monterrey campus. The system seamlessly integrated the new brand identity, from the typeface to elements of the logo, color, and pictograms.


Reflecting their status as a world-class university on the forefront of change, the external system lights the night. LEDs behind blue side panels spill color into the surrounding environs and become beacons that unify the campus. Controllable color technology allows the light to reflect the seasons, campus events, national holidays, and more.


With final signage developed in Mexico, our system has been rolled out on six of the most prominent university campuses and we were further engaged to develop an interior and exterior signage program for Universidad Tecmilenio, part of Tecnológico de Monterrey’s Tecmilenio University ITESM System. The program was visually linked to Tecnológico de Monterrey but also distinctive to suit the Universidad Tecmilenio brand.


We look forward to implementing the system on additional campuses.

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