Andrés Jaque Arquitectos
A Coruxo, Vigo, Spain
Project Year
Private Houses
Miguel de Guzmán


Andrés Jaque Arquitectos as Architects

Located by the Cies Islands, this holiday home of the forties decade will be transformed to become the permanent home of a couple that will occasionally welcome its sons and grandchildren. After a careful study of the previous summer uses of the house and the garder, we made a detailed list of the situations, infrastructures and equipments related to the summer months, and that until now had allowed an unprejudiced and joyful lifestyle. To maintain this attitude alive in this now permanent residence, the project finds new locations for these elements along a continuous sloping itinerary that, protected from the harshc weather, ends in a garden on the roof.

Instead of the usual system, in the TEDDY HOUSE the different functions appear without demanding a special compartimentalization. In fact, the dimensions of the ramp vary to adapt to the spatial needs associated to each use: in the shower areas, for instance, it widens slightly to fit a bench that favors spontaneous encounters; over the void of the original house it bulges to create a multipurpose space (with folding bunk beds and sleeping cabins); and, finally, it forks to offer views of the garden and the sea. Everything is meant to turn into a family pet: something that needs care and with which one can establish emotional ties. And this is why it was called TEDDY HOUSE.

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