Telekom Bridge across Bundesstrasse B9

Telekom Bridge across Bundesstrasse B9

Licht Kunst Licht AG
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee, Germany | View Map
Project Year
Lukas Roth, Cologne

About the Bridge

schlaich bergermann partner as Engineers

The footbridge for Europe's largest telecommunication company is an elegant, slender concrete structure that connects the company´s buildings on both road sides in a sweeping gesture. The elevation of the bridge is defined by the clearance height of the tram. Thus, the walk-way supported by steel columns leads through the tree tops along the highly frequented but beautiful tree-lined boulevard. Abutment points, where the bridge is supported on bearing plates to place it on the ground, occur on both sides of the road. On each face side, set against the bridge, there are elevators standing as light solitaries to delineate the structure. Hanging underneath the bridge are folded steel stairs marking the connecting paths to the buildings. The original lighting concept from schlaich bergermann partner for integrated LED-lights was artistically expanded. Interactive elements set the stage for the dynamic, filigree architecture of this bridge.

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Internal Landscape Villa
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Internal Landscape Villa

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