Temporary Information Center Puertos

Temporary Information Center Puertos

Torrado Arquitectos
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Information Centres
Gustavo Sosa Pinilla

Temporary Information Center Puertos

Torrado Arquitectos as Architects

The temporary pavilion of information is the first building of the company on Puertos del Lago which is the largest development in the province of Buenos Aires, who will be made up of more than twenty private neighborhoods around a lake center of remarkable landscape and size, and over 6 km of coastline on the Luján River. This small building is located in a privileged area with long views and river landscape. Flexible floor plant, its function is to fulfill sometimes as an office, where big work tables concentrate all the information on the progress of the works and the development of project, at the same time serves as center of reports and showroom of sales of the company.

The building responds to the landscape and to the orientations, transparent prism towards the views to the East, with an extensive gallery to the North, and closed towards the South and the West.

Of dry construction, the spatial structure of the pavilion is defined by a series of porches that conform a continuity of spaces between gallery and interior. The cover is solved with a metallic form work, and the glazed cloths are arranged between structural modules. The outer enclosure is made of sinusoidal corrugated metal sheets, while the interior is finished with phenolic multilaminate panels veneered in natural ocumé wood.

Inside the interior space, a strategically located volume concentrates bathrooms and kitchen, entirely made of wood, forms the different zones of activities in the building: flexible main living room, bar, step to bathrooms, and private office.

Everything is modulated according to the standard measurement of the phenolic multilaminate panels and beam lengths, generating minimum waste and maximum savings. Rigorous, measured, precise and light construction, the building manages to blend with the landscape, to be confused with its reflections and to generate an appropriate environment to receive the future owners and tries to be an imagery of the way of life that will be developed on the landscape on The Luján River.

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