Terrarium Amenities

Terrarium Amenities

Wellness Centres
Alberto Quizon

Terrarium Amenities

QUIZON as Architects

The Terrarium Amenities is an unsolicited proposal for a small public amenities building using robust, low maintenance materials that age gracefully over time. Externally it reads as a playful brick monolith. A large glazed skylight frames a common entry space. Internally each cubicle reveals a secret walled garden, an intensified sampling of local flora framed within tall, private brick walls.


Designed to be deployed in any location and any orientation, the building is internally focused. As an object in a landscape it is tectonically mute yet formally expressive, the terracotta red brick imparts a uniformity of warmth and texture. A common day lit entry space is fronted by the brightly coloured doors of the 4 unisex accessible cubicles. Stepping inside a cubicle, a floral garden framed by a large circular void offers a delightful surprise. The proposal designs for the typical maintenance, safety and vandalism concerns of public amenities buildings. Using robust stainless steel fixtures and red brick contrasting against playful forms and the unexpected beauty of an intensified garden.

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Library of Birmingham
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Birmingham, United Kingdom - Build completed in 2013
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