The Brygge Flower

The Brygge Flower

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Bryggeblomsten (The Brygge Flower)

Mangor and Nagel as Architects

Bryggeblomstenby Danish architects Mangor& Nagel has receivedthe Copenhagen Municipality´s building award in the category“Best Residential Development in 2015 in Copenhagen, a city which has repeatedly been voted the best city in the world last byWallpaper Magazinein January 2016.

Flooded by light The sleek residential tower is calledBryggeblomsten (the Brygge Flower), because the floor plan of the building resembles a flower with petalsgrowing from the stem.

Bryggeblomsten is located on the edge of the popular Islands Brygge district right between the city of Copenhagen and the scenic nature ofAmagerFælled. The buildingadds a new, distinctive silhouette to the Copenhagen skyline withits characteristic historic spires. You need only take a few steps into one of the apartments in Bryggeblomstento experience how the light streams through the tall windows. The view to the sky, to the city, to the commons and the local area is truly unique.

"I'm really pleased with our floor plan design.The result issome extremely well appointed apartments that are internally lit andhave a great connection to the landscape, "says Claus Jørgensen, creative director and architectat Mangor & Nagel's Copenhagen office.

Because Bryggeblomstenis a tower block, the apartments are deep, but the architects have managed to create a floor plan, which makes the daylight conditions quite exceptional. The focus has been on the flexibility in the design of the homes and oncreating a good connection between the apartments and the surrounding city.

Bryggeblomsten consists of 58 apartments on 15 floors. There are four apartments on each floor with angled living rooms oriented in multiple directions towards the city, the harbor and the nature on AmagerFælled. Each apartment also has angled balconies that addsan extra quality to the apartments. Theangled design of the balconies has the effect that one of the balconies is always sheltered from wind.

Striving for a sleek silhouette The overall architectural impression of Bryggeblomsten is a simple and consistent building. The elegant impression of the building is supported by the three carefully selected and matched materials: Dark tiles in warm colors, anodized aluminum in a bronze tone, and glass.

"We have had a humble approach to the design of the building. We wanted to create something that stands out on the Copenhagen skyline. We had the intention ofdesigning a tower, which was sleek and elegant and which makes a beautiful and subtle impact oncity within the given restrictions," says Kalle Jørgensen, who is also one of the responsible architects at Mangor & Nagel.

The architectural concept The many vertical lines create an optical effect using vertical lines in the façade, which results in a taller looking building. This is partially achieved by rotating the building's jagged shaped floor plans thirty degrees relative to each other, thus increasing the number of corners. The many corner creates a building volume with facets and, as a result, more vertical lines on the building.

The angled balconies form a diagonal spiral pattern on the facade. The balconies have a transparent side, which provides a look into the life around the building, while creating a variation and highlights the vertical lines on the facade.

The elongated window niches, whichchange location on every other floor, provide relief effects on the building´s exterior and helpto emphasize the building's tower character. The enclosurearoundthe windows is one of the optical detail effects of the building exterior. The recesses in the windowsadd vividness to the façade. This is particularly highlighted when the sun shines, and the play of light and shadow creates a simple and effective ornamentation on the facades.

A new integrated topology of the city Bryggeblomstenwas completed in June 2015. It is the culmination of a series of well-appointed brick buildingsof good housing projectsin Copenhagen, designed by Mangor & Nagel Architects for the FB Group. The other projects include Artillerihaven, a terraced property with the same qualities and atmosphere as the Copenhagen building society houses,as well as an apartment building calledArtillerigården. Together, the three differentbuilding types create a comprehensive and integrated new typology of residential buildings in Copenhagen.

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