The Dome

The Dome


Temporary space from recycled glass containers

transstruktura as Architects

Modular system recycling / urban intervention This space installation / sculpture was developed as part of the "HOTEL shabbyshabby" project for the international festival "Theater der Welt 2014". After his premiere as "Sleeping Dome" on the market square of Mannheim, "The Dome" will be shown in Berlin on the art festival "Kunst am Spreeknie". Between 10.07-13.07.2014 we invite the public to reinvent “The Dome” functionally for the new site. A classic glass container is a pure functional object, but its unique basic shape has an undeniable influence on the cityscape. Around 2000 old glass containers were sorted out last year by the recycling company in Berlin. Thanks to the stability of glass fiber, most of them are still robust enough for further use. Transstruktura is using old glass containers as modules for a (temporary) spatial intervention in public space. Stacked and intersected containers form a space with a central cupola and several side chambers. The central cupola is tall enough for standing. The main volume invites to sit and communicate, while the side chambers are suitable for sleeping and relaxation. The holes where once bottles were dropped are now skylights with windows taken from old washing machines. An archetypal language is used to transform the functional object into an architectural space with sacral and monumental qualities. Transstruktura’s “Dome” may serve in unlimited ways. Whether used as temporary accommodation, urban resting place or shelter. If placed in a city square it offers a new view and experience. It can be a hide-out in the urban wilderness, a space where the inhabitant may live a second live and contemplate about reincarnation. The ability of the modules to multiply into various shapes and in parasitic ways enables the citizens to occupy and to transform public urban spaces.

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