The Faux Material Palette

The Faux Material Palette

Sem Luong

The Faux Material Palette

Sem Luong as Architects

This factory wall design explores it’s two-dimensional qualities of being a single face. With AluDesign’s immense flexibility and being able to be fully customized, this wall is about exploring the idea of faux materials. Especially since this is set in a factory environment, with an influx of materials.

The aesthetics of an Architect's or Designer’s ideal vision can often be hindered by structural requirements, site factors, cost, and others. But imagine if you had full freedom to have whatever aesthetic appeal you desire. This "material palette," thus, becomes a mock-up of the possibilities. Whatever aesthetic qualities you can imagine can be printed on AluDesign’s aluminum panels instead of attempting to achieve those qualities by needing to resolve structural integrity, looking for appropriate materials, or finding the right cost. Utilizing these panels, you can print any texture you can imagine; it can be wood, masonry, concrete, or steel. It can even be glass or possibly a faux void space. This application would be essentially a veneer system, covering a less attractive material with a more attractive material, but in this case, you're not limited by the available veneer options.

Thus, in this factory wall design, I wanted to explore these possibilities. For instance, I wanted to lift up the factory building without actually touching the building. By using these aluminum panels and printing the appropriate perspectives and colors on the base of the building, you can have the illusion of the building to be floating. Also, I didn't want the windows to be limited to a rectangle, so I changed its overall appearance by mimicing the textures of the current windows. Lastly, the shape of the elevation is the another restriction or limitation, so I let the remaining portions of the wall to accentuate its form by its patterns. Essentially, this concept is about breaking limitations and restrictions of a two-dimensional space.

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Office Building for Metrovacesa
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Madrid, Spain - Build completed in 2018
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