The House of The 5th Hole In Alicante

The House of The 5th Hole In Alicante

Cor & Asociados, Jesus Olivares + Miguel Rodenas
Alicante, Spain
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The House of The 5th Hole In Alicante

Cor & Asociados, Jesus Olivares + Miguel Rodenas as Architects

The concept for this house in Alicante in the Golf Course was to create a single-storey building that maximises the potential for interaction between the gardens and the house while fitting into the existing landscape. Alicante is a privileged place to live in an isolated dwelling, its climate allows to develop activities in the exterior of the house throughout the year, which allows the limits of the dwellings have always been expanded with porches and garden areas..

This is the strategy of this house: to live inside and outside it both in summer and winter, hence the importance of the covered and semi-covered spaces of the house as well as its green context of the golf course.

The project consists in the redefinition of the traditional tipology of traditional porch to an element that in plan is developed not exclusively as an annex to expand the space but also as a different element capable of developing in two facades.

The site stretches between a forested Golf Course with tall palms and pine trees to the north, and a residential neighbourhood to the east. The house embraces the east side of the site to benefit from as much evening sun as possible.

The house allows to define several different outdoor areas, including an east-facing breakfast terrace with a kitchen garden, and a dining terrace on the south side. The exterior of the house is concrete in a ultrawhite tone chosen to create connections with the natural setting and the adjacent forest. Throughout the whole building a concrete floor provides a rich surface quality and gives an air of simplicity.

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