The iconic element - see your true colors

The iconic element - see your true colors

Paulina Ciepiela

The iconic element - see your true colors

Paulina Ciepiela as Architects

The main objective of the project is to demonstrate a wide range of possibilities offered by Euramax and to highlight their country’s symbol - tulips - and their endless colorful fields.

The idea is to create colored panels with a width of 30 cm (with a central white panel with a width of 40 cm), which always start with the same color at the bottom - grassy green, moving gently upwards with a different color each time. The middle panel has been specially designed as white, to make the elevation less monotonous, as a strong accent, and a element of surprise to show, in a straightforward way, the idea of the other panels. Combining this with the pattern created with tulip cups corresponding to the color of the panels, I tried to fully demonstrate the capabilities of Euramax.

Using a semi - reflective surface and combining it with multicolored hues it gives the industrial environment a dazzling and refreshing effect. Dynamic vertical stripes are designed to boost the elevation, and also refers to the style of the old facade, thereby acting as its development. The flat elevation comes to life through the use of many colors and becomes a spatial form, without the use of any protruding, often dangerous elements.

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Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain - Build completed in 2019
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