The improvement of the territory / Gagarin Airport

The improvement of the territory / Gagarin Airport

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Project Year

The improvement of the territory / Gagarin Airport

VOX ARCHITECTS as Architects

Awarded project for the architectural competition for concept design of landscape works for the new airport Gagarin in Saratov, Russia. 

The Architects concept proposal was to create a park which will become an open air museum with integrated art elements and interactive media screens.

Project design objective.

Celebration of sacral event on April 12, 1961 — landing of the capsule from the Vostok space craft with the first astronaut Yuri Gagarin — was considered by architects as the first and main aim. The capsule appeared in the sky of Saratov and this was successful completion of the first space flight - historical event which opened a new era of space age. Second one, was to create a new cultural attractive destination in ​​the region, and to develop a unique landscape area facing the airport with comfortable resting areas integrated into it to spend flight waiting time outdoor.


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