The Mirror Courtyard in Baochao Hutong

The Mirror Courtyard in Baochao Hutong

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The Mirror Courtyard in the Hutong- Baochao Hutong Invisible Yard

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This small courtyard is the house where the owner lived with her grandparents when she was a child. Due to years of wandering, the house has been dilapidated, and all kinds of childhood memories have gone with it. Now she wants to move back to hutong. But the current situation of the house is no longer suitable for living. The purpose of this renovation is to create a living space suitable for the modern lifestyle for the client and to awaken the life marks of those hutongs that have been disappeared.

Mirror glass is used on the ground and walls of the yard. The unique reflectivity of the material allows the surrounding hutongs, trees, and sky to be reflected on the ground of the yard, which brings more possibilities to space. This kind of interaction between virtual and reality is more prominent. People in the scene, people also in the mirror, in the layered reflection and transparent contrast, give people a sense of space experience like a dream.

The natural environment of specular reflection is changing all the time, and the combination with the mirror forms a kind of effect similar to "kaleidoscope". The English name KALEIDOSCOPE is a collection of Greek words such as KALOS (beautiful), EIDOS (shape), and SCOPE (watch). In fact, it also summarizes several major features of the kaleidoscope.

The small courtyard is only about 12 planes, showing a long and narrow shape. The glass mirrors of the ground and walls enlarge the area of the courtyard visually. When the owner steps into the door, she will be surrounded by the perspective effect of specular reflection, which increases the permeability of the space and gives people double landscape experience.

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