The new footway and bicycle bridge Lent

The new footway and bicycle bridge Lent

Kubota & Bachmann Architects
Tabor, Maribor, Slovenia
Project Year
Bicycle Stands


The new footway and bicycle bridge Lent

Kubota & Bachmann Architects as Architects

Urban and Architectural strategies

The aim of this project is to create a link between the center and the residential neighborhoods of Maribor with an attractive and modern foot-bridge, a symbol of the reactivation of the historical connection between the two banks of the Drava. Its form, characterized by a simple and elegant curve reaching over the Drava, and the choice of materials, make this foot-bridge a remarkable and iconic work of art for the city of Maribor. The project aims to be not only iconic and elegant, but functional as well. The use of 2 materials, glass and concrete, helps to separate the paths of pedestrian and cyclists. The foot bridge consists of two possible functions:

-a direct, effi cient route; -a meandering route, with an integrated bench ideal for a romantic stoll, or a pause for contemplating the Drava.

Image and poetics of the project

The new footbridge is in direct dialogue with the water and the textures of the banks of the Drava. Its refl ection in the water is a key component to its overal aesthetic. The footbridge is a sculpture that combines the simplicity of concrete to the transparency and preciousness of glass- referring to the coat of arms of Slovenia.

The bridge has been designed to change its appearance from day to night. During the day the footbridge is marked by the solid concrete, the glass receeding. Light and shade highlight the volumes and the colors of the materials—blue and yellow—are refl ected in the water. At night the concrete disappears and the glass by an artifi cial fog create a yellow blur, streaking across the river, giving it a ‘mysterious’ presence.

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