The New Hospital in West

AART as Architects

The New Hospital in West (in Danish ‘DNV-Gødstrup’) is located near Herning, Denmark. The vision is to push the potential of modern healthcare architecture by offering therapeutic and operational efficiency in the absolute elite. At the same time, it is designed to being perceived as poetic, friendly and accommodating by the patients, the relatives and the staff. To ensure an efficient workflow the healthcare architecture project provides close contact between the wards and professional specialties. The patient has thus a short distance to diagnostic imaging, ambulant treatment etc. but generally the hospital provides space for the doctor to come to the patient instead of vice versa. By optimizing the transport routes, the healthcare architecture project provides the framework for an efficient and dynamic hospital, where the patient is at the centre, and where the proximity to the professional specialties ensures a quick and accurate diagnosis. Based on evidence-based design, the healthcare architecture project enhances the relation between inside and outside by integrating the surrounding landscape as a vital part of the building design. The extensive, Jutlandic landscape thus forms the inspiration for the project’s tactile use of the materials, which calls to mind a homely atmosphere instead of the clinic atmosphere of a traditional hospital. The close contact with the extensive Jutlandic horizon has resulted in a clear concept for the future healthcare architecture. As a natural extension of the landscapes horizontal lines, the projects is rooted in a spacious base that includes outpatient clinics, diagnostic imaging, surgery wards and offices, while the medical wards are located on top of the base as light horizontal units.

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