The Nightwatch

AP+E: Architecture Practice + Experimentation as Architects

The Nightwatch design for the facade of the Euramax factory is a reinterpretation of one of the most famous Dutch images via new techniques. This design will allow Euramax to showcase the precision and high quality of the Aludesign process whilst at the same time linking the process back to the Dutch traditions in which art and craft go hand in hand.

The final image is a product of three consecutive processes and tells the story of evolving techniques: the antique oil on canvas painting is translated into an ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) digital image, which is then directly printed onto the composite aluminum panels via the most modern coating technique of Aludesign. This creates a layered image that can be read on multiple levels and from different distances: from afar the dark and light of the iconic image is immediately recognizable and draws attention. Moving closer the coherent image breaks up into a pattern of grayscale tones that have a more contemporary aesthetic quality. And finally up close the initial image dissolves completely only to leave a seemingly random grouping of very precisely printed text characters in which the brand name of the company can be found.

N M Bodecker Foundation
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Portland, OR, USA - Build completed in 2017
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