The Polonsky Academy of Advanced Studies

The Polonsky Academy of Advanced Studies

Chyutin Architects
Jerusalem , Israel
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Ardon Bar-Hama

The Polonsky Academy of Advanced Studies

Chyutin Architects as Architects

The Polonsky Academy of Advanced Studies for the Humanities and Social Sciences is part of the Van Leer Institute campus in Jerusalem. The building is situated on a cliff facing South towards the Jerusalem Theater.Its Northern facade faces the central garden courtyard, which acts as the 'heart' of the campus.The low-set horizontal appearance of the building integrates with the dimensions and design characteristics of its existing surrounding buildings which are comprised ofopaque stone facades facing the city and glass facades facing the central inner garden. The building's research activity is located on the two upper levels of the structure and includesresearcher offices, seminar rooms and additional meeting spaces that open onto inner patios. The main entrance to the building includes an exhibition gallery facing the central garden courtyard. The entrance to the floor below is through the level of the central garden courtyard and includes a conference room, a lecture hall, a cafeteria and the upper level of the two-storey library.

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