The Red 2

The Red 2

La Barceloneta, Spain

The Red 2

CASTILLO | MARTINEZ architects as Architects

Renovation of a 1-Room flat at La Barceloneta neighborhood, one of Barcelona’s most known beaches, and one of Europe’s best urban beaches.

The flat is located in a typical building of this quarter, with two apartments per floor and 3 or 4 floors height, giving as a result small flats with a surface of 38 sqm approximately.

The renovation must include the creation of a new kitchen and bathroom, and reorganize the living-dining.

Repairing windows, main door, replace old interior doors and new pavement saving old typical tiles and make a new design with them integrated with the hew pavement all over the flat was also included in the work planning.

It was decided to locate the kitchen at the entrance of the apartment, as an open space that could be integrated with the dining room. In order to give it a greater resistance, the kitchen is a unique clay-brick-furniture with a series of voids, able to accommodate all the appliances as the kitchen sink, glass ceramic or the fridge.

The kitchen has been treated as a red box that act as an entrance to the apartment, but at the same time helps to separate visually both this space and the living room.

For the bedroom, it was decided to make it as simple as possible, giving prominence to a picture frame taken by the owner, which also delimitates the sleeping area from the work area within the bedroom.

A floor to ceiling sliding door was used to separate the living room from the bedroom, optimizing the space but without losing the opportunity of having a unique space when desired without visual barriers.

For the pavement, we decided to use red brick tiles, to make it simple but uniform and, as wink to the fisherman past of the neighborhood. As we found a series of old tiles typical from Barcelona all around the apartment, we decided to unify all them in two square areas, one in the living room and the other in the bedroom, which breaks the uniformity of the red tiles and becomes the stylish detail of the pavement.

To complete the decoration, simple furniture was chosen in order to don’t interfere with the main role of the apartment itself and only a pop-styled frame, also from the owner, which has established his atelier in town appears on the living room.

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