The Red Dot Design Museum Taipei

The Red Dot Design Museum Taipei

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The Red Dot Design Museum Taipei - a special kind of product experience

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Nearly everything is design – every piece of watch, every interior or tool is designed. Visitors can learn this in an exciting way in the new Red Dot Design Museum Taipei. On their way through the changing exhibitions, they will meet Red Dot-awarded objects from various life and product worlds. From jewellery and household items to furniture and vehicles: What all of the products have in common is their excellent design quality. That is why they have won an award in one of the most important international design competitions – the Red Dot Design Award.

The Red Dot Design Museum Taipei will be opened on 30 August 2013 in the Songshan Tobacco Factory, a historical building which is steeped in tradition. The interior of the museum was designed by the renowned Taiwanese designer Cheng Chung Yao. Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of Red Dot, about the choice of the location: “The first Red Dot Design Museum was opened in Essen, Germany, in 1997. The success of this ever-changing exhibition of contemporary design in a historical building was repeated with the opening of the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore in 2005. Now, again eight years later, we are proud to make Taipei the hometown of the third museum that will showcase award-winning, modern products in the inspiring atmosphere of a former industrial area, and that will bring the world of design closer to the public.”

The well-shaped and innovative exhibits inform visitors of the new Red Dot Design Museum about the state-of-the-art in international design and provide background knowledge. In addition, the presentation offers specialists a source of inspiration which encourages them to create good design, thus making their contribution to improving quality of life. From 31 August to 3 November 2013, the Red Dot Design Museum

Taipei presents its first two exhibitions:

Every Product Tells a Story The American entrepreneur Henry Ford once said: “Every object tells a story, if you know how to read it.” The exhibits in this exhibition, the title of which was inspired by this quote, act as examples for our product world. They show that almost every single everyday item is the result of a design process and that its form is not based on coincidence. Designers and companies change our day-to-day lives with their ideas – whether consciously or unconsciously. And the products reflect their underlying creativity, inspiration and idea. The “Every product tells a story” exhibition tells the stories behind the objects on show and allows the designers to speak. This gives the visitor fascinating insights into the creative process and the resulting design ideas.

Style your life – Welcome to the world of design Design is the aesthetic expression of our consumer society and thus a major component of globalised everyday culture. By purchasing and using these design items, we decorate our bodies, make visual statements to those around us and organise our living space. We decide what our very own environment should look like. In using these design products, we thus express our character and our individuality. The “Style your life“ exhibition uses examples of objects that have won a Red Dot Design Award to demonstrate how these products inform our lives and – especially in the case of spectacles, jewellery or watches – underscore our personality. The exhibition also presents current trends in furniture, lighting and bathroom design.

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