The Residences, Zil Pasyon Six Senses

The Residences, Zil Pasyon Six Senses

Studio RHE
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The Residences, Zil Pasyon Six Senses

Studio RHE as Architects

The initial Concept seeks to integrate the Residences with the Island itself. 

Unseen from outside they rise as linear geometric forms from the natural chaos of the weathered granitic outcrops which are peculiar to the Seychelles and surrounding islands. Clad in the same black granite, the Residences emerge as rough hewn walls following the curve of rocks and gradually becoming more polished. The ambition was to touch the island as lightly as possible, allowing the reversal of the buildings at some point in the future. This meant that grand site clearances were avoided, instead unique sites were each chosen for their extraordinary features, however difficult to build among, with each being unique. There was no excavation, the existing ground condition is left untouched with just the small bars that link the new lightweight blocks to their natural foundation hosts. Above this the Residences embrace the site and follow the gradient of the island’s natural repose. This presented challenged for the designers in that rooms would be very deep, something which was overcome by integrating a transparent base to the Master Suite swimming pool allowing cool filtered light to penetrate deep inside the shaded Reception Area.  Deep overhangs provide ample shade where it is needed while, by contrast wide windows also provide ample natural light throughout the Residences. The buildings form a symbiotic relationship with their host to become an integral part of the island system and beauty. The architecture treads lightly on the island but it’s impact is considerable. The design will stand out by fitting in.

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Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal —CHUM
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