The Rothschild Collection

The Rothschild Collection

Goldkammer, Frankfurt, Germany | View Map
Project Year
Markus Tollhopf, Hamburg
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
LED-downlightsDavide Groppi srl
Backlit panels in the vitrinesFolio
Miniature vitrine fiber-optical lighting systemsLuxam

Product Spec Sheet
by DGA
Backlit panels in the vitrines
by Folio
Miniature vitrine fiber-optical lighting systems
by Luxam

The Rothschild Collection


The Goldkammer is one of the most modern museums in Europeand the Rothschild Room is the final space to visit in the exhibition. The walls of the 64 sqm space are completely covered with two-way mirrors. On three sides the walls are equipped with high-resolution LED-screens, installed behind the glass layers. The unique Rothschild Collection of 300 bullions from 35 countries with a total weight of 230 kg is presented in 38 vitrines which are integrated in the fourth wall.

The Lighting for the Room

Due to the mirrored walls, guests can have the immersive experience of being right in the center of the media presentation. The Rothschild Room can be also rented for events such as conferences or dinners, with a maximum capacity of 40 people.

Two minimal, glare-reduced systems for have been selected: very slim LED-lines have been placed slightly recessed in the gaps of the ceiling.

They are equipped with custom-made louvers and serve as dimmable, ambient lighting elements - without interfering the visitor's attention for the collection or the mediapresentation. The second lighting system, a special layout of modified, recessed Mini-LED-Downlights serves for special occasions and - with predefined, dimmable punctual scenarios - for seminars and various banquet arrangements in the space.

The Illumination of the Collection

A sandwich made of 19 mm armored glass and two-way mirrors have been used over the total room height, creating a great visual challenge for the lighting designers. The lighting designers presented a choice of materials, colors and lighting typologies appropriate for the presentation of the collection.

"Spatial Light" is the lighting created by the backlit side walls in each vitrine. Evenly distributed light illuminates each vitrine from four sides, using flat LED-panels, covered with a layer of red silk. These panels create a magical atmosphere and soft ambient lighting in the vitrines, generating a high-level visual comfort for both the single vitrine as well as the entire collection (Silk Light).

A warm-white color temperature (3.000°K) enhances the chromaticity of both the silk and the gold. The outstanding quality of the "Spatial Light" is how it works with the unconscious perception level - it is nearly impossible to perceive the emitting source of the ambient lighting. Both the bottom as well as the "frame" (ceiling panel and two side panels) can beswitched and dimmed separately.

"Object Light" is the "mise-en-scène" of the gold. Installed on all four sides of the vitrine, an invisibly integrated system of Mini-LED Spots illuminates the collections' pieces with warm-white light. The system runs with a fiber-optic technique, using one generator with only one LED-light source for each vitrine.

Within each vitrine 12 to 28 "heads" (with two different beam angles, 5° and 10°) have been implemented for the effective illumination of the complexarrangements of lying or floating gold objects.

Attaching great importance to an undisturbed and highly comfortable visual experience, it was crucial to conceal all lighting elements andeliminate any sort of glare.

Material Used:

1. DGA - Linear LED profiles with custom-made louvers

2. Folio - Backlit panels in the vitrines

3. Luxam - miniature vitrine fiber-optical lighting systems

4. Davide Groppi - LED-downlights

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